Episode 2 - Adjustments against light 3betters

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Episode 2 - Adjustments against light 3betters

So I worked through Episode 2 of the course today and the accompanying chapter in the Grinder's manual. I understand the reasons for how we construct our ranges in order to generate value, thin the field and (semi-) steal with hands that only have marginal equity against Villain's calling range but good playability.

One topic that didn't come up so much in the course but in the Grinder's manual is the kind of adjustments that we make against light 3betters behind us. In general, I think there are two types of adjustments:

  1. Open a tighter range. This range will be easier to defend against 3bets from regulars and in essence, we will need to fold a smaller portion of our opening range, making 3bets behind us less effective. In this adjustment: We open and then fold out less hands.
  2. Use a smaller sizing. In essence, a smaller sizing will need less fold equity to be profitable and we give our raise a better price. Here, we would open and fold out (against 3bets) the exact same hands as in our default range but for a lower sizing, making our folds cheaper.

Both adjustments seem solid. What I am asking myself is if there are any factors that determine when to choose what? When to reduce the range of hands we open? When to keep our opening range fixed but reduce our sizing? Do these adjustments go hand in hand?

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