episode 7: selective vs unselective c-betting

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episode 7: selective vs unselective c-betting

Hy guys, I've just finished episode 7 and I learned a lot from it. Love the course so far.
There's just this one question I have. In the video we only looked into BTN vs BB C-betting, so I'm not really sure how to apply this strategy in other positions on dry/high boards

other positions vs BB
The further away we are from BTN the stronger our range is so range betting makes even more sense, right?

SB vs BB
in this position BB still has very wide range, but we're OP so it's harder for us to realize our equity thats why I don't think range betting is ever usefull. I'm thinking of just doing the same thing on high/dry boards (bet small with a merged range) but instead of betting 100% of my range I would remove some trashy hands, making my c-betting range a bit narrower and stronger. Is this okay or should I just always bet bigger with more selective/polar range?

other OP spots (UTG vs BTN, MP vs CO, CO vs BTN,...)
what to do here? go always selective?
In more early positions like UTG vs MP/CO, MP vs CO I think I should just always be c-betting selective(polar), since callers range is not that wide and it's also pretty strong. I'm not sure if I should ever bet with a merged range.
However in spots where caller is a BTN having a merged c-betting range makes sense imo. BTN has a capped, wide range so I think it could work. I still don't think betting 100% of my range is a good idea so I would go a bit narrower just like in SB vs BB spot.

against SB
I know we learned that we should mostly not have a SB calling range, but there are still a lot of people who do it. Against them I would just play like we learned in the video - range betting dry/high boards and selective betting on wet/mid ones.

multiway pots
Always selective?
In those spots fold equity is lower plus players call with stronger range than in headsup pots, so a lot of the weaker SV hands (top pairs with bad kicker, second pairs) wont get called by worse so merged range doesnt sound like a good option.

Your thoughts?
thank you:)

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