From Merged to Linear Raising Vs low fold Freq

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From Merged to Linear Raising Vs low fold Freq

So the two spots I'm not sure on is when Villans folding range is low to a 3bet or low fold vs a flop or turn raise.

E.g Villan's fold to 3bet is 50% and he folds post flop c40% on each street (E.g BTN vs Co) Co RFI 2.5x we risk 7.5BB to win 11.25. Requires 66% success freq for auto profit and we don't really make much post flop by bluffing. Do we therefore change to linear as our bluffs make no profit (my opponents are good enough to adjust)?

Similarly on the flop we want 2/1 bluff to value ratio and Villan only folds 40% to a raise and c40% on each street after (E.g BB vs BTN) Pot at the flop 5BB's BTN Cbets 2.5 we raise to 7.5bbs. This needs to work 50% for auto profit and if he doesn't fold much so should we go value only.

Obviously there's many variations of fold to raise and there after frequencies. E.G what if his fold fold to 3bet is even lower at 40%-45% and but his post are higher 45-50% post flop on each street. Also do fold frequencies matter as much if we're good at hand reading and can target parts of that range with our varied and exploitative bet sizings?

Furthermore at what point is it best to just call with semi-bluff raising hands.

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