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Merged Raising vs. Range Bet (as preflop coldcaller?)

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Merged Raising vs. Range Bet (as preflop coldcaller?)

So in a BU vs BB example where a villain on the button bets range at a small size we are supposed to raise a merged range in response.

I was wondering if this still applies when we are in position as a cold caller? For example, villain UTG bets and we call from CO and the flop is 974r - and we have 88 (or some piece of that board). If villain then leads 33% pot oop, should we ever be raising on a board like this which somewhat favors our range (we don't have any 2 pairs but do have the sets and potentially pairs depending on how wide villain thinks we cold call)

I think I remember a previous video mention using a call only strategy as preflop cold caller? But could exceptions be made in a spot like this? Calling with 88 and then getting barreled would be a bit uncomfortable if overcards hit.


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