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Off table studies

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Off table studies


I'm looking for tips to improve my off table studying. I'm not used to doing it, and decided to follow the advice on the course and start doing it (specially since I can't find time to play MTTs every day, I think I'll use most of the weekdays for studying).

I marked a few hands from my weekends sessions (as following the homework advice on the first lessons) and came up with a spot where I wanted to anylize offline. Feel free to comment on the specifics of this hand but I'm also interested in the process itself (how to study this spots etc). The following hand happened in a $1 180 players MTT.

So, my goal is to answer two main questions. (1) What is UTG's range here and (2) what is my calling range here. After opening the hand, I noticed some factors that will affect my decision (I don't remember if I noticed them when I folded):

(a) This is a EP shove, so our range should be tigher
(b) SB is 67/35 over 49 hands and has a large stack. This probably means they will call wider here
(c) We have 13 BB, which indicates that we are not desperated yet

These factors seem to indicate that our range should be tigher than the default.

I went ahead, got my HRC trial and pasted the hand there. Ran the simulation and the ranges came out as:

UTG: 12.4%, 55+ A8s+ A5s AJo+ K9s+ KQo QTs+ JTs
CO (mine): 5.9%, 88+ AJs+ AQo+

I think UTG might be shoving wider here, so I adjusted their range to 13.7%, 55+ A2s+ AJo+ KTs+ KQo QTs+ JTs.
This gave me a 7.1%, 77+ ATs+ AJo+ calling range (with AT, AJ0 being really marginal).

The default range given to the SB was 4.2%, 99+ AQs+ AKo. Given the stats, I think they would call a bit wider here, so I changed it to 7.2%, 77+ A9s+ AQo+ KQs. My range was then adjusted to 6.6%, 77+ ATs+ AQo+ (with ATs being +0.04 and 77 being +0.30).

Given this, I would said that in this particular situation my range would be 5.4% 88+, AQo+ and AJs+.

Is this the right way to study these spots? Any other thing I should do? Thanks so much for the course.

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