Playing turns after making a merged flop raise

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Playing turns after making a merged flop raise

I've got through the polarized/merged c-bet raising videos a couple times and have a question about playing turns/rivers following a merged c-bet raise.

For example, assuming 100bb starting stacks, the following made up hand:

Villain (BU)
Hero (BB) [Hand: Ac6h]
Villain raises to 2.5bb
Hero calls
Flop: Jh6c2s
Villain bets 2bb
Hero raises to 8bb
Villian calls
Turn: Jh6c2s [Td]
Hero checks
Villain checks
River: Jh6c2sTd [5h]
Hero checks
Villain bets 10bb

I would imagine Villain is going to stab river often after Hero checks both turn and river. I wouldn't think our hand is strong enough to bet again, and even with this relatively safe board run out in the example provided, I'm not convinced we can call river.

How should we play these scenarios when Villain continues versus a merged flop raise?

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