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Phil Galfond's This is PLO - Learn from the world's #1 PLO teacher

Phil Galfond's This Is PLO is the most comprehensive guide to Pot Limit Omaha that has ever been created. Over the course of 183 videos, you’ll learn poker theory, study tricky spots, and review high stakes hands alongside one of the most accomplished PLO players of all time.

“My goal is for 50-100 hours of my videos to save you 500 hours of solver study.”

-Phil Galfond

Online Winnings
15 Years of
Teaching Poker
4/4 Undefeated in the
Galfond Challenge

"In addition to being a great human, Phil is one of the strongest and most creative HU PLO players I've ever played against. Phil is also an excellent teacher, and I'll for sure be carefully watching this course and learning all I can from him!"

- Sauce123

"Since the beginning of online poker until the late solver era, Phil has been at the top of the game. His ability to adapt his game and still remain one of the best in the world year in and year out makes him a GOAT in online poker history. The concepts in this course are essential for improving at HUPLO but will have far-reaching effects to your overall game. I wouldn't miss this course for anything."

- Ola "Odd_Oddsen" Amundsgaard

“Phil is not just one of the best PLO players in the world, but the best teacher of the game and it’s not even close.”

- Jason Koon

Learn to Think Like a Solver
Build Your Own Strategies
Hand Read Like a High Stakes Player
Make In-Game Adjustments

What You Get

  1. Theory
  2. Single Raised Pots
  3. 3 Bet Pots
  4. 4 Bet Pots
  5. Hand Reading
  6. Challenge Footage Review
  7. 6-Max
  • Building a foundation for your overall strategy
  • Advanced EV explorations
  • Gameplan for maximizing your EV
  • Learning how to think like a solver
  • Learning how to study efficiently with solvers
  • Solidifying your bet-sizing strategy
  • Optimize your strategy for every part of the game tree
  • In-depth Solver study
  • Advanced board coverage analysis
  • Structured game tree explorations
  • Cbetting strategies
  • Delay Cbetting strategies
  • Check-raising Flops, Turns, and Rivers
  • Turn Probing strategies
  • Navigating River Play
  • Gameplay review
  • In-depth Solver Study
  • Advanced board coverage analysis
  • Bet sizing, value thresholds, & bluff selection
  • Structured game tree explorations
  • Flop, Turn, and River Cbetting strategies
  • Flop and Turn Float betting strategies
  • Defense strategies
  • Navigating Tricky River Spots
  • Handling Aggression
  • Gameplay Review
  • Flop play as 4bettor
  • Flop play as Caller
  • Navigating Turns and Rivers after Check-Check
  • When to trap, when to protect your hand
  • Gameplay Review
  • How Phil makes reads
  • Hero Calls
  • Hero Folds
  • Analyzing underbluffed parts of the game tree
  • Analyzing overbluffed parts of the game tree
  • Vision and MonkerSolver analysis
  • Venividi session reviews
  • ActionFreak session reviews
  • Chance Kornuth session reviews
  • And more!
  • Theory videos from Richard Gryko
  • Single Raised Pots (IP and OOP)
  • 3-bet Pots (IP and OOP)
  • Multiway Pots
  • Gameplay Review


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for anyone who wants to improve their winrate at Pot Limit Omaha or who wants to think about the game at a higher level.

  • If I only play 6-max will this course still be useful?

    Though most of the hand examples used are from Phil’s HU challenges, the concepts discussed and thought process taught will apply to any form of PLO. The course does include a 6-max specific section that features Run it Once coach Richard Gryko alongside Phil.

  • Do I need to be playing mid stakes or higher to make this course worthwhile?

    No. Though the content centers around high stakes play, lower stakes players can improve the way they think about PLO and the way they study by taking this course.

  • Do I get any charts or ranges with this course?

    Charts aren’t included in this course but many videos spend time discussing ranges in different spots and showing you how to use study tools like Vision GTO Trainer. The goal of the course is to help make it so that you don’t need to rely on charts or solver outputs.

  • How long is the course?

    The course is currently 183 videos and over 73 hours of content.

  • Why should I purchase this course?

    You should purchase this course if you’re looking to improve your PLO game or if you’re interested in seeing how Phil Galfond, one of the best PLO players of all time, thinks about the game.

  • If I play live PLO, will this course help me?

    Though the course uses examples from online play, most, if not all, of the concepts and study recommendations discussed will translate to live play too.

  • What if I'm newer to poker but still want to learn from Phil?

    If you're a less experienced player and want to learn poker fundamentals from Phil you'll want to check out Phil's other course, Foundations.

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