$0.55 NLHE [Bubble Rush], $500 Gtd

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$0.55 NLHE [Bubble Rush], $500 Gtd

Blinds: t125/t250 (9 Players) MP: 1,695
MP+1: 11,452 (Hero)
MP+2: 2,455
CO: 5,510
BN: 10,262
SB: 1,935
BB: 5,900
UTG: 1,216
UTG+1: 7,571
Preflop (375) Hero is MP+1 with A 9
UTG calls 250, UTG+1 folds, MP calls 250, 3 folds, BN raises to 10,232 and is all in, 2 folds, UTG folds, MP calls 1,415 and is all in
Flop (12,792) 4 4 6
Turn (12,792) 4 4 6 J
River (12,792) 4 4 6 J 5
Final Pot MP lost and shows a pair of Fours.
BN wins and shows two pair, Fours and Deuces.
BN wins 4,225


Trying out my luck on MTT's I ran into this hand and got wondering if we can potentially play it. Not much info on opponent. Although I would expect reasonable amount of limps. Should we isolate and if we do, whats the play if some shortstackers after us decide to shove?

On a similar note, can anyone suggest material on MTTs (especially preflop and stack considerations) that would be easily digestable. I am looking to get a general gist of it before I decide whether I am interested enough to dive deep.

Thank you in advance.

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