€100 MTT with 220 players.

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€100 MTT with 220 players.

100 euro tournament with 200 players. No Hud.

At less than 30 BB, with antes, 8-handed, raised to 2,1x KQo UTG. MP1 and BB call.

3 way to flop:


First decision was to cbet 1700 into 4000 in hopes of using perceived strong UTG range to fold Ace highs and underpairs or even TJ, QJ on later street. Ambitious plan, but my hand should have additional credibility because, in general, multiway I'm less likely to bluff. At this point not too concerned with BB, his range contains just about everything. I don't know if this is the right approach to such scenario but I've had enough of check/folding multiway.

MP folds and BB plays X/R to 4000. So I need to call 2300 into 9700 for about 4-1 odds.

Seeing all the GTO sims hint to X/R such boards, relatively high tournament buy-in, and small check-raise size vs. what can be perceived auto-cbet on my part, I have to assume villain has some, or even plenty bluffs with backdoors and such. Jacks I think he is more inclined to X/C, but he also has J5, 22 and 55 which he may want to fastplay vs. some of my overpairs and to balance the bluffs. He also has the A3 and A4, suited and off. Some 5X too with outs for two-pair.

In game I called the raise and folded to shove on 8 turn opening a flushdraw.

With the amount of bluffs he may or may not have, this could have been a flop bet/3bet all-in.

Or just fold flop and play next hand?

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