$11 deep, tough hand pre from Small against aggro button 4bet

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$11 deep, tough hand pre from Small against aggro button 4bet

Blinds: t350/t700 (8 Players) MP: 28,468
MP+1: 12,254
CO: 50,271
BN: 49,158
SB: 37,390 (Hero)
BB: 17,479
UTG: 47,822
UTG+1: 18,739
Preflop (1,050) Hero is SB with A J
5 folds, BN raises to 1,540, Hero raises to 4,850, BB folds, BN raises to 12,900, Hero calls 8,050
Flop (27,180) 4 7 2
Hero checks, BN checks
Turn (27,180) 4 7 2 J
Hero bets 12,231, BN calls 12,231
River (51,642) 4 7 2 J K
Hero bets 12,174 and is all in, BN calls 12,174
Final Pot BN wins and shows three of a kind, Kings.
SB lost and shows a pair of Jacks.
BN wins 75,990

Hi all, this hand bugging me any feedback is welcome, BTN was playing 33/22 over 20 hands, quite aggro pre.

I think looking back over the hand its prob a 3bet fold pre I guess....? thing is I think he is 4betting light a lot here, is it ok to 5bey jam in this spot?? or is that too loose so deep.

As played I think I should have XT and XF river when K hit. What do you guys think??? Thanks

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