$11 MTT - 25bbs 99 after limper

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$11 MTT - 25bbs 99 after limper

Blinds 150/300 25 ante

No reads on new player UTG. Limps with stack of 8800 (29bbs)

Hero in CO with stack 7700 and 9h9c???

I decided to raise to 910. Was thinking I want to iso this guy to play the pot heads up. Considered limping.

Villain flats- Pot ~2400

Flop 10c 2d 5d

Villain checks. Hero???

I decided to C-bet 1050. Just wanting to take it down right here. If he calls I'm basically giving up on most runouts.

Villain check raise to 2100, Hero folds.

Pretty easy fold there just looks like he has J10 - A10 and better. Saw no need to continue.

Thoughts on pre-flop vs UTG limper? And is there any merit in checking back this flop?

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