11$ NLHE 16 left BBvsHJ Regural

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11$ NLHE 16 left BBvsHJ Regural

Blinds: t1,400/t2,800 (5 Players) BN: 41,515
SB: 67,494
BB: 90,498 (Hero)
UTG: 184,854
CO: 140,710
Preflop (4,200) Hero is BB with 9 A
UTG raises to 6,160, 3 folds, Hero calls 3,360
Flop (15,470) A T 4
Hero checks, UTG bets 3,920, Hero calls 3,920
Turn (23,310) A T 4 7
Hero checks, UTG bets 19,597, Hero calls 19,597
River (62,504) A T 4 7 5
Hero checks, UTG bets 154,827 and is all in, Hero calls 60,471 and is all in
Final Pot UTG wins and shows two pair, Aces and Tens.
BB lost and shows a pair of Aces.
UTG wins 183,446

11 nlhe 10 left next payjump at 9 for like 25$ if I remember correctly. Usually I will fold this spot, but decided to call cause I wasn't blocking any of his bluffs (KQ etc) neither diamonds or hearts and he is a regural so he should be putting a lot of pressure on me before FT. Is it just a punt? Would it be a good call without the ICM implications?

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