1650 Heartland main AA

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1650 Heartland main AA

A little history in the hand. I have 3 bet the villain in the hand 4 times and either took it down right there or took it down with a small continuation bet. starting stack 30k. I have 85k villain has 30k. Villain opens middle position blinds 250-500 with bb ante of 500. villain opens to 1200. I am directly to his left with AhAs and 3 bet to 3200 folds back to villain who 4 bets to 7800. I perceive the villain to be competent, but could be taking a stand here. I chose to call the 7800 bringing the pot to 16850. villain having about 22k behind thinking I was going to give him some rope, not sure if this is the correct line with our history he might stack off lighter in hindsight. anyways flop comes 10c 4c 2c villain checks I bet 10k and took it down. Thoughts?????

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