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€20 on, le full house

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€20 on, le full house

CO: 9705
BN: 8370
SB: 11465
BB: 8670
UTG: 9835
UTG1: 10330
UTG2: 10640 (Hero)
LJ: 10510
HJ: 10625
BB seems like a reg, is playing 3 tables (€50 big, €10r and this).
Preflop (120) (9 Players)
Hero was dealt 9 9
UTG folds, UTG1 folds, Hero raises to 200, LJ calls 200, HJ folds, CO folds, BN calls 200, SB folds, BB calls 120
No respect.
Flop (840) J J K (4 Players)
BB checks, Hero checks, LJ checks, BN checks
Pretty much giving up at this point.
Turn (840) J J K 9 (4 Players)
BB bets 560, Hero calls 560, LJ folds, BN folds
Oh wait. I think calling is the best option, raising would look far too strong and I think calling is the best for my range since I'd never bluffraise here.
River (1960) J J K 9 7 (2 Players)
BB bets 1280, Hero raises to 3000, BB raises to 7910, and is all in, Hero folds 99
I make a smallish raise to get value from Jx and straights. He snap shoves. I think he might shove QT, but definitely not this quickly. Jx would pretty much never shove imo. So basicly I'm looking at KJ, J9 (these two most likely) and J7 here like everytime. Right?
Final Pot
BB wins 7960

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