$200 MTT... Near FT with AA

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$200 MTT... Near FT with AA

Blinds are 600/1200 and 120 ante.  I have 30k chips.

I have AA in SB.  Solid/Aggro reg raises 2.5 UTG with around 7 people.  I just flat call OOP(probably screwed myself over right there).  However I wanted to try and set a big trap and be the potential chip leader.

Flop comes Kh 6h Qd and I have AhAd.  I check, he bets 60% of pot.  I check raise him 2.5 his bet(6k) He then 4bets me to 15k.

Do I shove here or fold?!!  

My position is 8/15 and 9 get paid.

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