$22 6 max 2 separate hands review

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$22 6 max 2 separate hands review

first post here so go easy on me

want to know ppl's opinions on a couple hands from 2 separate mtt's i played that are kind of bothering me

first is a $22 6 max on party $2k Gtd, pays 12, down to 2 tables of 4, no pay jump til FT. villain and myself are 1st (him) and 2nd in chips overall.
Villain starts the hand w 43bb's, myself 35bb's, and the other 2 between 10-14bb's. he has been the most active, with myself 2nd most active at the table.

with blinds at 8/16,000 he opens btn to 40k (2.5x) and i have 88 in the bb. it felt very awkward at the time, flatting seems bad, 8's are way to vulnerable to take a flop w oop, 3 betting with the intention of ????, calling a shove doesnt seem ideal, and 3 bet folding seems really bad too.

because of all of this i just rip in 35 bb's in the big blind pre.

Ok? Terrible? Meh?

next hand is from a powerfest $22 6 max w a $20k prize pool. 1150 entries, down to 50 and $3,500 up top w current pay out at $60. i currently have a 5th position stack atm and the villain covers.

fairly aggressive table and i have been one of the least active players over a small sample though.

Playing 5 handed also atm. Villain 1 has 100bb's, is utg and is a decent reg, i have 58bb's and am in the bb, villain2 has 65bb in the sb.

onto the hand, with blinds 12,500/ 25,000 villain1 opens utg to 55,000 (2,400,000 behind) folds to the sb (1,600,000) who 3 bets to 192,500, close to 4x. i have AA in the bb (1,425,000) weird spot, cold 4 betting is just insanely strong and is only ever the nuts i think. i ahve also been a tad passive with these players and i tank, and elect to just flat the 3bet. is this terrible here? should i be 4 betting, if so what sizing?

Im not a fan of my play post which i will describe but primarily looking for input up to this point.

i call villain2's 3bet, original opener also flats, 3 ways to the flop w 590,000, me having 1,200,000 behind

flop 4K3, sb checks, i bet 396,000, villain1 calls, sb folds

turn 3 (pot 1,380,000) Board now 4K3 3, i have 850,000 back and just shove

thoughts? thanks a bunch, i dont post many HH's but maybe should start being more active on these boards.

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