$22 MTT - Establishing A Range

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$22 MTT - Establishing A Range

Hello everyone,,
Pretty early on a Sunday $22 MTT, I'm trying to figure out a table's range against my perceived range. We are an orbit into the table and all players are >45 bbs deep. AT 75/150/15, EP opens to 322 and CO calls. I have JcJh on the button and make it 1,054. CO calls and based on that I don't put him on anything worse than 77 and pretty much all suited broadway cards.

Flop is Kd4c2c, he checks and I check behind mainly to maintain pot control and give him a chance to barrel future streets with a smaller pair or Ace highs. Turn is 3s and he snap-bets half pot. Based on my plan, this is fine although I know weaker players tend to bet quickly and use that type of sizing but I think I'm still ahead of most of his range. snaptube.cam/ syncnet.onl/telegram-web/ 9apps

River is 5s and completes the wheel. He checks and I tank over my options. I think my hand is still good most of the time but based on what my squeezing range is from the button and the fact that I want to set up future bluffs with these types of hands, should I be betting river or checking behind because of how much showdown value I have against my opponent's range? Happy to have thoughts on this.

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