$2.20 MTT - 55 BU play.

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$2.20 MTT - 55 BU play.

PokerStars Hand #195408722779: Tournament #2493727918,
$0.96+$1.00+$0.24 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (50/100) -
2019/01/06 22:29:22 WET [2019/01/06 17:29:22 ET] Table '2493727918
178' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: tropi2705 (2106 in chips, $1
bounty) Seat 2: Sergen969 (6084 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 3: CBetChamp
(4010 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 4: hairovthedog (8847 in chips, $2
bounty) Seat 5: Tubarão173 (2697 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 6: ljma12
(22262 in chips, $1.50 bounty) Seat 7: Baytea (3848 in chips, $1
bounty) Seat 8: Vitaly66606 (9689 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 9:
boyamador (5135 in chips, $1 bounty) tropi2705: posts the ante 15
Sergen969: posts the ante 15 CBetChamp: posts the ante 15
hairovthedog: posts the ante 15 Tubarão173: posts the ante 15 ljma12:
posts the ante 15 Baytea: posts the ante 15 Vitaly66606: posts the
ante 15 boy
amador: posts the ante 15 hairovthedog: posts small blind
50 Tubarão173: posts big blind 100

* HOLE CARDS Dealt to CBetChamp [5s 5c] ljma12: raises 200 to 300 Baytea: folds Vitaly66606: folds boy_amador: folds tropi2705:
folds Sergen969: calls 300 CBetChamp: calls 300 hairovthedog: folds
Tubarão173: calls 200
FLOP * [5h Jc 4c] Tubarão173: checks ljma12: checks Sergen969: checks CBetChamp: checks

* TURN * [5h Jc 4c] [7c] Tubarão173: bets 693 ljma12: calls 693 Sergen969: folds CBetChamp: raises 2078 to 2771 Tubarão173: calls 1689
and is all-in ljma12: raises 2078 to 4849 CBetChamp: calls 924 and is
all-in Uncalled bet (1154) returned to ljma12

* RIVER [5h Jc 4c 7c] [8s]
SHOW DOWN * ljma12: shows [Ac 8d] (a pair of Eights) CBetChamp: shows [5s 5c] (three of a kind, Fives) CBetChamp collected 2626 from
side pot Tubarão173: shows [Jh 7h] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens)
CBetChamp collected 8531 from main pot CBetChamp wins $0.50 for
eliminating Tubarão173 and their own bounty increases by $0.50 to
$1.50 Tubarão173 finished the tournament

BB (played 29 hands, VPIP 55%, PFR 14%, Aggression: 1)
UTG (played 106 hands. VPIP 40% 15%. Aggression 1.9)
UTG has the whole table covered with 219.47BB, so I expect him to be raising alot more hands and defending more hands.

Pre flop, I don't mind calling here IP with 55 as UTG could be raising with Ax, small pairs, J4o+ 82s+ K6o+ which is all in his range and I believe I have 38% equity pre flop.

Flop, we hit the set. I feel like I should of raised but I also don't mind the check here as I feel in this stake players react better to ABC poker, bet when you're strong so I feel like I could of got more value from the turn.

Turn: Now I wish I had of bet the flop but it ain't a bad card, we have a lot of 2 pairs in BB range, I don't really feel UTG has a hand yet has he calls down and I feel like he'd be more aggressive especially with a bounty to the small stack on his right he would of re-raised so I don't mind squeezing here as I cover BB and if he does have a pair, 2 pair then great, we'd get paid if he's bluffing we get him to fold and I take the pot down. I know the UTG is going to call because he's playing for the bounties so he could be calling with the air and to add more comfort I have around 78% equity right here to win the hand against UTG's range. He raises and I obviously have to call with 78% equity and the gutshot straight draw.

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