$300 MTT Live Hand review

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$300 MTT Live Hand review

Structure is fast, with 30min levels and 15k starting stack. Fully aware that it's kind of a luckfest and not afraid to gamble at any stage of this tourney. The field is small about 120 players, lots of soft spots but solid regs in the field as well.

Blinds 300-600, ante 75. Stacks on table range from about 9k to 25k, I have about 13.5k to start hand.

Folded to me in LP I min open A8cc to 1200. Folded to BB who flats. I have him covered he starts hand with about 10k. This player was on the fishy side, limping often from various positions and flatting a subsequent raise. Also was heavily defending out of the blinds. I did see him shove on people a few times and donk lead out so I felt he was capable of making some moves.

Flop 9s 8s 6c

He checks to me, I fire 1800. I'm thinking I have the best hand and am likely to go with it. Such a draw heavy board and I'm beating any 8 in his hand that isn't two pair.

He C/R to about 4400. Leaving himself about 4k behind. Let's keep in mind I have him covered by about 3k.

If I flat I have about 7k left and he has 4k with 11-12k in the pot.

What do we do here? Will give results later. Thanks.

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