3way SRP as PFR on BU, marginal TP on wet board

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3way SRP as PFR on BU, marginal TP on wet board

Blinds: t125/t250 (9 Players) CO: 5,148
BN: 23,257 (Hero)
SB: 31,122
BB: 8,810
UTG: 6,383
UTG+1: 6,896
MP: 4,001
MP+1: 3,999
MP+2: 4,980
Preflop (375) Hero is BN with 9 Q
6 folds, Hero raises to 537, SB calls 412, BB calls 287
Flop (1,791) 8 7 9
SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks
Turn (1,791) 8 7 9 K
SB checks, BB checks, Hero

REG on the BB, LAG rec on SB.

Can I be betting this flop? Should I be more inclined to bet a hand like J9 or T9 that should have more equity? I guess if I get x/r here I would have to fold this.
OTT I think the recreational would have bet his draws and his Kings, the reg is probably checking most of his Kx, betting draws and 2Pair.
So a bet on the turn should be pretty profitable, 2/3 maybe 1/2 to keep some 9x, 8x in.

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