$4 8max, quadzilla bvb

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$4 8max, quadzilla bvb

BN: Pneets: 131417
SB: Alficor1: 176314
BB: mkalti85: 99230
UTG: $lomaha$: 72272
LJ: triks76: 98751
HJ: bethboom: 124498
Villain seemed normal, aggro player.
Preflop (7500) (7 Players)
Alficor1 was dealt 9 Q
$lomaha$ folds, triks76 folds, bethboom folds, SAMUITEL folds, Pneets folds, Alficor1 raises to 13250, mkalti85 calls 8250
Flop (29000) Q Q Q (2 Players)
Alficor1 bets 13640, mkalti85 calls 13640
Pretty standart imo. I expect him to be floating here quite a bit because it's bvb and it's a pretty hard board to hit.
Turn (56280) Q Q Q 9 (2 Players)
Alficor1 checks, mkalti85 bets 20000, Alficor1 calls 20000
I'm overqualified as Tony G would say; I check and he bets, just like I wanted.
River (96280) Q Q Q 9 K (2 Players)
Alficor1 bets 128799, and is all in, mkalti85 folds
I don't expect him to bluff here after I call on the turn and also I don't see him value betting a 9x or worse. So I jam hoping he either hit the king which he's never gonna get away from anyway or that he herocalls me with like 9x or something like that. What do you think?
Final Pot
Alficor1 wins 98155
Also I think it's a better result for my image (not that it matters too much) if I jam and he folds his air than if we check it down and I showdown quads.

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