$400 live on the direct bubble with AKo

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$400 live on the direct bubble with AKo

Multi-flight event, 500 runners in this flight, top 60 advance to day 2 ITM. 61 left and this is the first hand of hand-for-hand play. Stacks are very shallow as the structure was fast.

Level: 20k/40k - 40kbb ante
Hero starts with 400k before posting in BB
UTG min opens to 80k (table big stack of about 1.2m)
Button jams about 750k (a few hands prior he just lost half his stack doubling a shorty)
Hero in BB with AKo

So I have 9bbs effective here and in most bubble spots like this I'm never folding. One consideration, however, is that blinds on Day 2 roll back to the earliest level finished in out of the 6 flights. So in this case blinds will roll back to 15k/25k - 25k.

People have been busting at warp speed and the field is still VERY soft. Is it ridiculous to consider folding here to try and squeak into the money/Day 2 with 12bbs (since blinds are rolling back)? The min-cash doesn't mean much to me FWIW.


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