$600 Live - Early level, 3bet pot OOP with AA

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$600 Live - Early level, 3bet pot OOP with AA

3rd or 4th level so very early. 25k starting stack, most at table have between 18-30k at this time. Villain seems decent and aggro. Maybe a touch loose. Table is pretty soft overall and he seems like one of the few decent players.

Blinds antes- 100/200 with 200 BB ante. Hero effective stack at ~23k.
Villain opens MP to 700
Folds to Hero in BB with AA 3bet to 1800
Villain flats
Flop Q99r (Pot ~4k)
Hero cbets 2k and villain calls.
Turn Tx (Pot ~8k)
Hero checks
Villain 4.5k.
Hero calls.
River Jx. (Pot ~17k)
Hero checks.
Villain 10.5k
Hero folds.

Thoughts on all decisions appreciated. As played this is an easy fold OTR imo so not much to discuss there. I doubt he's turning something worse into a bluff (QJ, QT, JT). I'm thinking my 3bet should be a little bigger (2100-2800) and then maybe want to start with a check OTF?


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