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$600 MTT Live- Deep ITM Spot with AQ

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$600 MTT Live- Deep ITM Spot with AQ

25 left and a pay jump with next elimination. This is day 2 after 4 starting days combined. Over $100k for first prize. Hero has 25bbs- 500k at BB20k. 2-3 players shorter than me at the table, and 3-4 players over a million.

Blinds 20k/10k with 3k ante

Folds to Hero in HJ and I open to 45k with AQ off.

Villain- Solid reg with good results (might be a pro/semi pro) pauses on the button for 30-40secs and ships all in for 600k (30bbs). Hero?

Other info- The BB is a nit and only has 15bbs. The button is a nit and has about 20bbs. I've played with villain before and I know for sure he would 3-bet me light. This doesn't look like a light 3-bet though. This looks more like 99-JJ IMO.

Do we want to flip here? Do we think villain is ever 3-bet jamming worse (blocker hands like KQ, KJ, AJ, A10 etc)?


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