6max FT: Effects of ICM on 3bet defending range and flop strategy vs cbet

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6max FT: Effects of ICM on 3bet defending range and flop strategy vs cbet


I was reviewing some hands today and wrote up an article on the effects of ICM on our defend vs. 3bet range and then our flop strategy vs a cbet in 3bet pots with ICM. Here's the full article (copy paste this link into your browser):


**EDIT: You have to scroll over on the bottom of that link to see both PIO ranges for the flop spot!

I was wondering if I could get some feedback here on my approach and whether this is an efficient way to study a spot. The PIO sim here doesn't really accurately represent a true game tree, but my goal with it was to learn something about how ICM effects our postflop play. I was quite surprised by the results and didn't expect our strategy with ICM to change the way it did on the flop. The most surprising thing to me was our raising range construction and how bluff/protection heavy it is with ICM in effect.

Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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