77's from SB facing agression deep

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77's from SB facing agression deep

A couple levels before end of late reg of a $33 20K GTD on ACR.

UTG +2 29.15bbs
Lojack 10bbs
SB (Hero) 117bbs

UTG +2 opens 2bbs
Lojack all in 10bbs
SB ??

Unknown info on players above new table. Main question I have is should be jamming or folding 77's here? I can't imagine we often want to be committing 30bbs with 77's but it feels a big tight to fold them? I feel calling has to be the worse option with the uncapped original raiser behind.

If I look at the UTG +2 ranges, there are few hands we crush and most we would hope to be flipping against.

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