9-max $1.50 SNG -- level 4 w/30 BBs -- KQs on BTN

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9-max $1.50 SNG -- level 4 w/30 BBs -- KQs on BTN

Blinds: t40/t80 (4 Players) CO: 3,986
BN: 2,503 (Hero)
SB: 3,886
BB: 3,125
Preflop (120) Hero is BN with K Q
CO raises to 240, Hero calls 240, 2 folds
V is loose. Over 50 hands: VPIP 37 PFR 20 CB 50. (Including moves like shoving A9o and 63s pre.) (This is what my PT4 is saying now but I'm not sure how much of this info was on the HUD at the time of this hand.)

I even feel my call pre-flop here is a bit looser than I'd like as I try to play very tight for the first four levels or so of these games. Or is that -EV nitty?
Flop (640) T T 4
CO bets 320, Hero folds
The laydown here just felt like a crap play, so I'm trying to understand what the correct strategy is in this spot.
Final Pot CO wins 640

Hi all

I appreciate this is quite basic but please bear with me as I'm a relative beginner.

Can people please tell me what the most +EV play is here?

Many thanks.

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