99 UTG+2 vs Co 3bet

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99 UTG+2 vs Co 3bet

Blinds: t25/t50 (9 Players) MP+2: 9,159
CO: 4,895
BN: 7,369
SB: 4,049
BB: 4,978
UTG: 5,000
UTG+1: 4,996
MP: 5,124 (Hero)
MP+1: 4,584
Preflop (75) Hero is MP with 9 9
2 folds, Hero raises to 112, 2 folds, CO raises to 365, 3 folds, Hero calls 253
Flop (859) 8 6 8
Hero checks, CO bets 481, Hero calls 481
Turn (1,821) 8 6 8 2
Hero checks, CO checks
River (1,821) 8 6 8 2 J
Hero checks, CO bets 4,043 and is all in, Hero folds
Final Pot CO wins 1,821

Hi...What would you do in this hand.was played vs 21/16, 10,4% 3bet - 14% 3bet IP player (124 hands).
Preflop I guess we should call this deep and for this price vs quite aggressive player.
Flop we should definitely call as this doesn't hit his range too well except for some flash draws and maybe like 2 combos of trips if he 3bet bluffs 87s (which I for example do as 3bet bluff this deep IP) so he has like JJ+, AK, AQs, maybe ATs, KQs and AJo (may be another possible 3bet bluff combo)
Check back on turn is interesting I gues he can do this either with nothing (A high with AK mainly, maybe AcJ) as this turn doesn't improve his hand and doesn't give him much fold equity vs our hand if he bets again or he can check back flush draws, which is also possible on this turn. I don't think he would check back and miss value with overpairs and trips (if he has trips ever)

The river shove will most likely be polarized range then ( at least should be when he overbets like this). Question is: is he bluffing enough? If I give him range like this when he shoves: AcKc,AcQc,KcQc,AcTc,Ac5c,Ac4c,Ac3c,Ac2c,AcKd,AcKh,AcKs - flushes and hands with Ac as a bluff we clearly can't call as we have ca 30% equity and pot odds are 41%.

Should be clear fold then right?...Or do you have different idea about villains range given the line? :D

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