A8o in the cutoff double barrel shove river over bet

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A8o in the cutoff double barrel shove river over bet

I saved this hand in for review because as I played it I remember thinking that everything about it was kinda borderline
Villain was a little on the loose passive side something like a 25/10/40

500/1000+anti - $7.5 deepstack - still about 2x players from the money

9 handed
HJ (hero) 53bb
CO 25bb
BTN 19 bb
SB 35 bb
BB (Villain) 56bb

delt to hero A:club:8:heart:

folds, hero raises 2.2bb, folds to BB who calls

flop 6bb - 6:heart:9:club:Q:spade:

V checks..

this is a bit of an interesting flop texture because it hits both of our ranges fairly well and there are a lot of hands that will be calling at least one street so if I c-bet I think I should be prepared to fire two barrels. That being said I think we should definitely be checking back some of our hands. [I]Does Ax play okay as a check back?[/I]

Hero bets 2.4bb, V calls

Turn 10.8bb - 6:heart:9:club:Q:spade:5:club:

V checks,hero bets 6.5bb, V calls

River 23.8bb (42bb effective) 6:heart:9:club:Q:spade:5:club: 4:club:

V bets 11bb, hero?

so we get to the river and V makes an odd donk bet. Straights flushes, two pair are all possibilities but it's also sized a little small. River isn't really much of a scare card and V does't have any reason to think we're going to stop betting. Also we block both 78 and the nut clubs. By shoving we're basically saying we have backdoor nut clubs , it's not the most believable story but i don't think we have many bluffs here either.

pot is 35k and we have 42bb behind.. it's probably terrible and you can tell me I'm crazy but I just instinctively pushed all in. i was deeply focused on the hand when it happened and it just seemed right. Anyway I'm curious for a bit of input, thanks.

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