AcQcJx6x 20BB deep, very loose table. How should I have played this?

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AcQcJx6x 20BB deep, very loose table. How should I have played this?

Hello, it's my first time posting so do forgive me if my format is confusing or hard to follow.

Played a live MTT, mixed game, rotating between 10 hands PLO and 10 hands NLH.

Many people at the table seem to be recs and pretty loose. Seen them calling preflop with multitude of junk hands - K41010ss etc, and opening with QQ58ss in early position.

I picked up AcQcJx6x UTG + 1 with a 4450 stack, blinds were 150/300 and we were 6 handed.

UTG limps, he has been playing almost every single hand.

I decide to pot for 1350, leaving myself with 3100 behind.

HJ and CO folds, and button, after thinking for a long time decides to 3-bet pot for 4050.

Small blind folds, BB 4-bet jams for ~10k.

UTG calls, I call and button calls.

So, barring the results, my questions are :

1) Should I have opened my hand UTG + 1, or should I have mucked it pre-flop?

2) Should I have called the 4B Jam or should I have folded. My initial reasoning for calling the jam was that I estimated approximately 25% equity pre-flop and thought that it would be mathematically sound. Upon running a simple odds calculation though, that definitely didn't seem to be the case.


Thanks for any input guys :)

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