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Lets debate about a topic which im almost sure that even pro players can have the same feelings and think about sometimes... 

In loads of tourneys i've felt like a boss in a pretty weak table playing very very agressive and feeling my opponents fear, which dont usually pay my cbets, dont put up resistance for their blinds, and dont try to steal mines. While im praying to dont be moved from that table, someone comes to "MY" table and play more agressively even than me, and i become little by little as the other sheeps which were in my table. 

In books I can read that the optimistic way to play against maniacs are playing tight and so on,..but hey, let me doubt about it, cause it was what other players tried to do against me before and i felt so comfortable in the table. Moreover if I change to a TAG style, i can't steal as i did before (above everything if he is on my left).

So, my own debate is: whats better, start a maniac war till one of us will be out (or the other surrender and let me take the control of the table) or reduce my preflop and postflop action trying to catch him?? 

How we all know, we'll find a different answer according to the moment of the torney, so please, dinstinguish between:
1.- since ante appears to bubble
2.- since itm to FT bubble
3.- Final Table

Thanks so much!!

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