AJo MP out of position

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AJo MP out of position

Blinds: t10/t20 (9 Players) MP+1: 1,570
MP+2: 1,370 (Hero)
CO: 1,390
BN: 1,820
SB: 1,480
BB: 1,290
UTG: 1,330
UTG+1: 1,750
MP: 1,500
The only read I have on CO is that I don't find him to be a great player, got in a min raising battle with a very poor player at the table.
Preflop (30) Hero is MP+2 with J A
UTG folds, UTG+1 calls 20, MP folds, MP+1 calls 20, Hero raises to 100, CO calls 100, 3 folds, UTG+1 calls 80, MP+1 folds
I have position on all these limpers with a decently strong hand here, I think isolating them is a stronger play than over limping. Best case, I play the pot in position heads up.
Flop (350) 4 6 K
UTG+1 checks, Hero bets 160, CO calls 160, UTG+1 folds
Debating about checking here. It's multiway and I'm not in position, however I feel that if I give up the betting lead then I can get pushed off the hand by hands like ATss, QJ. Keeping my range uncapped here with my sets, AK, KQ, QQ+ hands seems slightly better.
Turn (670) 4 6 K J
Hero checks, CO bets 200
This is what gets me. A jack has now come and I very well could have the best hand, but I'm often beat. It's not very likely that CO has a pair+FD hand here. I have the Ah and the Js so his semi bluffing range is definitely reduced. His value hands are JJ, KJ, AK (not often but certainly possible, we're still pretty deep), KQhh. His bluffs include lots of spade flush draws, I'm not super convinced that he's raising his non-nut FDs on the flop or that he IS raising his nut draws. So that being said I think I can peel here (maybe wrong? Why?) and what do we do on brick rivers? I think we can definitely fold to any spade, maybe not to hearts.

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