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AK high call missed, interesting spot

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AK high call missed, interesting spot

SB: lolodinho83: 113658
BB: ashroth1: 189047
UTG: M0N5T3R5: 111113
HJ: WOUIWOUI_93: 62830
CO: smiths2000: 49686
BN: Dr Gus: 168826
Preflop (3750) (6 Players)
M0N5T3R5 folds, WOUIWOUI_93 folds, smiths2000 folds, Dr Gus raises to 5000, lolodinho83 calls 3750, ashroth1 raises to 15000, Dr Gus folds, lolodinho83 calls 10000
Flop (37500) 5 5 T (2 Players)
lolodinho83 checks, ashroth1 bets 10255, lolodinho83 calls 10255
Turn (58010) 5 5 T J (2 Players)
lolodinho83 checks, ashroth1 checks
River (58010) 5 5 T J J (2 Players)
lolodinho83 bets 36250, ashroth1 calls 36250
Final Pot
ashroth1 has K A lolodinho83 has K K lolodinho83 wins 129930
not that much info on vilain, but random french player (lol)

mistakes :

3bet 17k instead of 15
cbet 1/3 instead of 1/4
barrel that turn, with equity added by GS and FE and stuff

by his river sizing i saw maybe 70% of bluffs :

my AK can be faceup after my turn check, then vilain decided to bet that big river in order to make me fold
AK becomes a good 22 / 33 / 44 / QTs? / AQ / Axs / KQs bluffcatcher or splitcatcher

and betting that big in order to value any tens or any jacks , i just did not believe it.
i dont think he called with 45s / 56s, doesnt make sense oop even for a random player
55 / JJ ? ok nutses, lets just dont talk about it :D
i would except a check back by all his pockets from 66 to 99
premiums? jam pre? got good blockers...

but Kings lol
after showdown it makes senses, fish tried to trap oop then went to panic bet river. :'(
anyway i got owned, Aces and kings were impossible for me here
and vilain is not good enough to induce a so big call from me with A high


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