AKo in BB vs SB steal 35BB effective Bubble

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AKo in BB vs SB steal 35BB effective Bubble

No Limit Holdem (2,400/4,800)
Table: BIG10 - $15,000 GTD Mega Stack, Table 3
Tournament: 9339002
Seats: 9
Seat 1: HERO (175,830)
Seat 2: (59,787)
Seat 3: (135,926)
Seat 4: (16,780)
Seat 5: (200,742)
Seat 6: BUTTON (152,328)
Seat 8: VILLAIN (168,485)
Button is seat 6
jcm_1995: posts small blind 2,400
shotskee: posts big blind 4,800

HERO BB: dealt [Ac Ks]


BUTTON: Raise to 9,600
SB: ALL-IN 170,000
BB (Hero): AKo

We are on the bubble. This may seem trivial, i.e. an easy snap call. But, what is SB shoving here with 35bb? It really looks like a steal, however shouldn't the SB be just a bit concerned about the BB (hero)? Hero is 4/28.

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