AKs with royal draw facing donk bet

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AKs with royal draw facing donk bet

Maybe the flop raise should be larger to raise the turn shove less than pot and commit more if villain bets or shoves a blank turn. This is the old school approach I learned to semibluff allin with a strong draw. I could just call flop and don't have to stack off.

$100 MTT Blinds 3000/6000/750 34 players left ;ITM,; 50 places pay, The significant jumps are at the final table. Average stack about 220K.
UTG 349K, UTG+1 435K, HERO LJ 172K, HJ2 50K, CO 535K, BTN 185K, SB 130K, BB 334K

Folds to hero LJ, who raises to 12K with AsKs, BB defends. Flop JsTs2d. BB bets 12K, hero raises to 36K, BB calls.Turn 9d, BB checks; hero bets allin 121K into 105K pot.

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