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Am i always trying to get this in on the flop?

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Am i always trying to get this in on the flop?

Am i right trying to get this in with so many people in the pot? Should i have raises pre? Critique please.

I know it went well for me this time but i'm interested to know how other people would play this.

Table '878603046 2' 9-max Seat #1 is the button

Seat 1: Kirill369228 (1490 in chips) 

Seat 3: roberto2265 (2530 in chips) 

Seat 4: sassy754 (1380 in chips) 

Seat 5: yuzo_tkd (1470 in chips) 

Seat 6: HERO (1180 in chips) 

Seat 7: Zecke1003 (1410 in chips) 

Seat 8: Geno4ka IV (2530 in chips) 

Seat 9: GS.DesH (20 in chips) 

roberto2265: posts small blind 25

sassy754: posts big blind 50

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to HERO [Jd Js]

yuzo_tkd: raises 75 to 125

HERO: calls 125

Zecke1003: folds 

Geno4ka IV: calls 125

GS.DesH: calls 20 and is all-in

Kirill369228: folds 

roberto2265: calls 100

sassy754: calls 75

*** FLOP *** [6h Ts 4d]

roberto2265: checks 

sassy754: checks 

yuzo_tkd: checks 

HERO: bets 270

Geno4ka IV: folds 

roberto2265: calls 270

sassy754: folds 

yuzo_tkd: folds 

*** TURN *** [6h Ts 4d] [2d]

roberto2265: checks 

HERO: bets 785 and is all-in

roberto2265: calls 785

*** RIVER *** [6h Ts 4d 2d] [8h]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

roberto2265: shows [7c 6c] (a pair of Sixes)

HERO: shows [Jd Js] (a pair of Jacks)

HERO collected 2635 from side pot

GS.DesH: shows [Th Ac] (a pair of Tens)

HERO collected 120 from main pot

GS.DesH finished the tournament in 75th place

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