Amadi sick JTs hand vs Looden :)

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Amadi sick JTs hand vs Looden :)

They are 4 handed and Lodden open raises from the CO, and amadi flats on the btn with the JTss, sb and bb calls.

Flop As9d4c

sb checks, bb checks, lodden checks, Amadi bets around half pot, sb calls and Lodden squeeze it 3x. Amadi thinks for a few seconds and flat the squeeze, sb folds.

Turn 3c ; Pot is around 2M

Lodden has left around 2.5M
Lodden checks, and amadi bets 650k, Lodden tanks and call

River A

Lodden checks, Amadi tanks for 2 minutes and shoves to Lodden around 2M. Here it comes the trickiest part of the hand; how do you think this river impact on both ranges?

Amadi stated: River is pretty good for bluffing, and he wasn't gonna bluff any other river, but the A river was just pretty good one because he'd be valuebetting AT AJ AQ and some Axs.

Quite interesting hand :D

My thought

Amadi recognizes Lodden is not playing the strongest part of his flop range (2pairs, sets) and he chooses to flat instead of 3bet shoving cause it makes no sense to play a raise strategy on such dry board like this one being in position.

So he'll be peeling the squeeze on flop for betting pretty much any single turn card as he does, but lodden makes an unexpected check call. When Lodden check calls here I don't think he's just calling because he also turned the gutshot straight draw, but he also suspects amadi can be having such floats like that one because he recognizes amadi knows he is not repping too much with the line he took, so Lodden may still be good a good% of the time if Amadi's float contains lot of broadway, and he'd be very likely to check behind most of his TP combos.

River is an A, and Lodden check, tanks for 4 minutes and ended up folding. I don't know what Lodden was thinking about the hand but I think river should be a good one for Lodden for bluffcatching,the best one in fact, because if he was check calling with some sd value on the turn for deciding river, river should be the nuts for Lodden's bc.

It's also right that Amadi now could be betting there all his Ax hands, but due to card removal and the line tooken it makes it less likely and best situation for lodden's bluff catchers. At the same time, when Lodden decides to play that strategy on the flop, we know he's super polarized, so I think it doesn't make too much sense for Amadi to bet the turn with his TP hands, so I think he'd be just betting sets 2pr+, but I may be wrong.

It is always easy to comment from here :D

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