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any interesting book to suggest? :)

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any interesting book to suggest? :)

Hey Run it once!
I am an mtt player, mostly NLHE. Lately i am working on improving my game and working on the maths of it. I did already read "The mathematics of poker" book by Bill Chen, which is a great one! And I would like to work on a new book. Do you have any suggestion of a good complementary book? I heard that Matthew Janda's book "Applications of No-Limit Holdem" was a good one, but i don't know if it is a good complement of the Bill Chen's one or if they are both explaining the same concepts . Did someone read both books and can tell me if it is worth the time to read both? Or if I now should read something else? I am also a student in maths at college, so it is ok for me to work with "tougher maths" if necessary.
Thanks very much for your coming answers and good luck at the table! ;)

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