AQ in SB vs UTG passive limper

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AQ in SB vs UTG passive limper

$175 buyin live tourney. We're down to 18 players and top 12 are paid. Blinds are 1500-3k and 3k BB ante.
I have 65k, and UTG has 120k.

UTG is an older man in his 70's and in the 50 minutes i've played with him, he has always open limped and has never come in with a raise preflop. I've seen him do this with qq, j-10o in early position and he's open limped a few other times where he just took the pot down with a flop bet.

UTG calls 3k
Fold to hero in SB
Hero: AdQh : raise to 12k
BB Folds
Villian UTG: calls

Flop: Js10h,7s

Hero: Bets 15k
Villian: Calls 15k

Turn: 8h
Hero: ????

Shove pre in this spot? Check flop and possibly check raise???? Thoughts?

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