AQs UTG, final 6 of $27.50, facing min 3bet from MP and SB cc, 39BB behind

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AQs UTG, final 6 of $27.50, facing min 3bet from MP and SB cc, 39BB behind

BN: 322646
SB: 270738
BB: 620871
UTG: 286366
HJ: 210637
CO: 523742
Preflop (10500) (6 Players)
UTG raises to 14000, HJ folds, CO raises to 29999, BN folds, SB calls 26499, BB folds

MP had a VPIP 41%, PFR 31%, 10% 3bet for the 4 most recent levels up to these blinds.  We're now short-handed, may be opening his range but I can say that for the next few levels it remained around the same.

SB cold call was from a weak 22/11 with Call 3bet of 17%

We have 39BB behind facing a min 3bet in for a total of 4BB.  I've already worked out that this is a +EV shove per se, but the fact that it's shoving 39BB to win 12 against a min 3bet of 4BB really limits his range to call.  Giving a reasonable range of 99+/AQ+ puts us at 40% equity leaving nothing in his range better than a flip.

I'm currently in disagreement with people who think that 4bet to 10BB and folding a shove is terrible (leaving us at 28-30BB which isn't much different than 40) and they either prefer to 4bet shove or 4bet/call.

Any thoughts?  Wasn't the reason NL tournies have moved towards these smaller raises is to be able to make these types of moves instead of gii pf?

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