Bad Beat from a Dealer Error.

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Bad Beat from a Dealer Error.

880$ Entry. $300,000 Guaranteed.

Level 14. Blinds 2,000. 4,000. 4,000.

My stack 163,000.

I'm in the big blind. Hi-Jack limps in for 4,000. solid player, first hand he's played in about 1 level (40 mins)

I look down at 8h9h and decide to check keeping pots small and curious what he's limping in position.

Flop is 6h7c2h.
I check. HJ Checks back.

Turn is 9d. I lead for 10,000. HJ grabs 40,000 and sets it down. Dealer Brings the River Card. 5c. This is the moment of the error. She realized he raised and I hadn't called yet. they call the floor and shuffle the card back into the deck and it's back to me on my action. While all of this went on neither of us said anything except, we asked what happened to the river card. My opponent also asked why we don't just chop the pot. (I figured a sign of weakness). Checking out the HJ Stack it's about 75,000 behind. I can't go broke, but I could push him off of a lot of draws or mediocre made hands. and if I'm going to the river I still have odds to chop a made straight, beat any set out there or win out right. thinking my outs are somewhere in the high teens (not knowing his specific holding). I jam. he calls.

A9 Vs 89 Hearts.

The river Jack of clubs. brings my stack down to 51,000 after the all ins are counted.

Knowing that one of my river cards were out but re-shuffled into the deck. was a Jam here the proper move towards the Bubble of the tournament. him not knowing that the 5c was one of my outs and I still jam make me look stronger?


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