Balancing sb limp range against agressive fish players

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Balancing sb limp range against agressive fish players

Blinds: t2,500/t5,000 (5 Players) BN: 254,910
SB: 523,039 (Hero)
BB: 697,909
UTG: 362,398
CO: 240,920
Preflop (7,500) Hero is SB with 9 9
3 folds, Hero calls 2,500, BB raises to 15,000, Hero calls 10,000
Flop (33,125) 2 3 J
Hero checks, BB bets 16,563, Hero calls 16,563
Turn (66,251) 2 3 J 8
Hero checks, BB bets 33,126, Hero calls 33,126
River (132,503) 2 3 J 8 5
Hero checks, BB bets 132,503, Hero calls 132,503
Final Pot SB wins and shows a pair of Nines.
BB lost and shows a pair of Sixes.
SB wins 397,509

First of all, the villain was a portugues fishy agressive player. We both are deep and I like to limp a really wide range of my hands like 69s on sb because against weak players I want to play against them whenever its possible. I often found myself playing big pots with those kind of hands on sb out of position so I decided that I can extract more value from agressive players by balancing my range and letting them bet bet bet.

At the turn I'm pretty sure my hand its still a call and the river pot bet says that he has nothing because if he had a J, with that dangerous river card and my check call he would have checked behind.

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