Big 109, 11 left, BVB vs tough reg

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Big 109, 11 left, BVB vs tough reg

Blinds: t3,600/t7,200 (6 Players) BB: 183,685 (Hero)
UTG: 677,327
MP: 398,593
CO: 70,347
BN: 108,418
SB: 319,507
Villain is a top reg up 380k on Stars. Through 114 hands he's 25/20/15 with a 44% steal.
Preflop (10,800) Hero is BB with 3 A
4 folds, SB raises to 18,000, Hero calls 10,800
Flop (41,400) 4 Q 5
SB bets 17,211, Hero calls 17,211
Turn (75,822) 4 Q 5 A
SB bets 38,211, Hero calls 38,211
River is the T spades and villain moves all in. Pot 152,244 hero has 110,263 back. WUG?

What do you do?

Happy to take thoughts on every street. Thought about ripping pre, thought about shoving flop, thought about shoving turn, but as a whole I think played a fairly low variance hand deep with a lot of money to me up top. Then face this river, and got stuck. Am I right 42% of the time here? (which is what I think the math is) Thanks!

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