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Big $215, limping the BTN vs ZeeJustin range discussion

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Big $215, limping the BTN vs ZeeJustin range discussion

Blinds: t300/t600 (9 Players) SB: 8,958
BB: 13,961
UTG: 25,269
UTG+1: 11,312
MP: 7,401
MP+1: 8,469
MP+2: 13,889
CO: 21,601
BN: 17,342 (Hero)
BB is ZeeJustin here. We have no history and he has no read on me, but I expect him to play very well vs everybody obviously. SB is a tight, fishy guy who will likely make some mistakes.
Preflop (900) Hero is BN with 5 A
6 folds, Hero calls 600, SB calls 300, BB raises to 1,800, Hero calls 1,200, SB folds
My thinking was that he would probably play more optimally versus a raising strategy than he would versus a limping strategy since limping the BTN is relatively new in tournaments and he's not an online MTT grinder. I would rarely limp A5o here but the SB was fishy enough that I felt there was an advantage to allowing him into the pot more frequently. Curious what you guys think about a limping strategy here vs raising - obviously I'm also limping strong hands and more playable ones here. Range is probably around 35-40% with no raising range.

ZJ raises and his sizing is smaller than I expected - I feel like with the SB being so capped behind me and very likely to fold a lot, it's sort of difficult to fold here even though I know ZJ is going to put me in some tough spots postflop. I would fold some % of my limping range and limp-shove some frequency too. Thoughts on ZJ's raising range here preflop? How wide?
Flop (4,875) K 6 5
BB bets 1,800, Hero calls 1,800
Don't think I have a raising range on a static flop like this. I have a fair amount of Kx in my range and some 87/97, plus a little bit of 6x and 5x. A5 is probably one of the lowest-EV hands I would call the flop bet with - to a bigger bet I might just fold.
Turn (8,475) K 6 5 K
BB bets 3,000, Hero folds
Some of ZJ's hands pick up equity here and I would expect him to perhaps check-shove Kx some % as well, so I thought about continuing with 5x here since on this particular turn it might have higher EV than some other hands, but I ended up folding.
Final Pot BB wins 8,475

Felt like I played this hand pretty fishy, but when I run through my explanations I do have a justification for each part of it. I suppose the main thing I'm interested in is how you guys perceive ZJ's raising and barreling ranges - if I'm a random to him, do you expect him to raise wide vs my limp? What about his sizing, it seems small...makes me feel like he's trying to induce calls more than induce folds or limp-shoves, but he might just assume my limping range is super weak. I feel fine about the turn fold but it's a weird spot. If my limp preflop is just awful then feel free to tell me as much!

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