big 44 - totally confused

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big 44 - totally confused

Blinds: t30/t60 (9 Players) BB: 6,592
UTG: 2,791
UTG+1: 4,381
MP: 3,041 (Hero)
MP+1: 7,108
MP+2: 13,453
CO: 5,000
BN: 2,851
SB: 4,832
Preflop (90) Hero is MP with T T
2 folds, Hero raises to 129, 2 folds, CO calls 129, 2 folds, BB calls 69
Flop (489) Q 7 7
BB checks, Hero checks, CO checks
Turn (489) Q 7 7 Q
BB checks, Hero bets 249, CO folds, BB raises to 724, Hero calls 475
River (1,937) Q 7 7 Q 2
BB bets 5,731 and is all in, Hero folds
Final Pot BB wins 1,937


Opp is a decent REG. why is she/he raising on the turn with Q and/or 7 ?

this hand does not make sense to me:

  • if Opp has a Q - i would expect just a call on the turn ?
  • if Opp has a 7 - OK the raise on the turn to test where Opp is in the hand ? but why shove the river ?

sorry maybe i watch to much crap on ept live but I would expect a reg to slowplay a Q in that spot ?

Also do you agree with my line? easy fold when Opp raises on the T?

thanks in advance for your kind help

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