BIG POT Preflop Decision

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BIG POT Preflop Decision

Hey Guys,

Online Tourney Starting Field 1397 8-max
Midtourney Position 400/700 w/ BOUNTY

UTG folds
UTG+1 V1 151BB raises 2,5 BB
LJ V2 37BB calls
HJ V3 38BB calls
CU V4 41BB 3Bets to 8BB
BU folds
SB folds
BB Hero 35BB AQs (Clubs) call 8BB
V1 Calls
V2 Calls
V3 Folds

Flop: Qs 7c Qh Pot: 37BB

Hero checks
V1 checks
V2 checks
V4 checks

Turn: 9s

Hero All-in
V1 fold
V2 fold
V4 call with AA

River: 10d

So Big Pot 98BB hauled in, but would you have played differently Preflop or Flop or Turn
My thinking process was:

Preflop: Pretty confident V4 had a Very Strong Hand but other Vs would not shove over me. And thus, the odds were amazing.
Flop: Hoping V4 had KK (I block 1 Ace) . Or JJ and would at least put out a feeler. So check.
Turn: Allin to get attention away from the queens. Smaller Bets wouldve looked weird to me, since Pot=My Stack.
Let them think I had 1010 for example, and grab all right there

Appreciate any Feedback.
Greets Laurenz

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