Big tilt in final table bubble

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Big tilt in final table bubble

Hi guys. This belongs to a 1€ Superstack, 8 left.

-The original raiser was usually raising 2x and was a fish, I wanted to 3bet him to 3x with my J10s but decided to just call because he opened 3x. I doubted for a minute if it was OK to just call, J10o definitely a fold.

-I flop flush draw and decided the best option was to check-call since a raise vs my donk would be a disaster and also kinda shitty decision if the turn is a brick and I'm OOP.

-I decide that I am winning here most of the time with 2 overs and flush draw so bet big to take down the pot but then the player calls.

-River gives me top two pair which is a good bluff catcher I guess so I check-call.

He trapped me, I'm disappointed. He is the standard ukranian agressive player, playing pretty solid. H ecan bluff me of course, I don't know if it is a good call in 1€ tourney. I would be calling 100% sure in higher buy ins since player know how and when to bluff more, these players don't.

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