Bluff squeezing after multiple cold callers

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Bluff squeezing after multiple cold callers

GGPoker, Hold'em No Limit - 50/100 (15 ante) - 8 players

c9022de9 (UTG): 8,983 (90 bb)
cbde3a65 (UTG+1): 10,998 (110 bb)
9521593c (MP): 10,265 (103 bb)
558e2523 (MP+1): 10,070 (101 bb)
47d32b02 (CO): 10,419 (104 bb)
80697f0f (BU): 9,640 (96 bb)
b2d59891 (SB): 9,980 (100 bb)
Hero (BB): 9,660 (97 bb)

Pre-Flop: (270) Hero (Hero) is BB with A♥ 6♦
2 players fold, 9521593c (MP) raises to 240, 558e2523 (MP+1) calls 240, 47d32b02 (CO) calls 240, 80697f0f (BU) calls 240, 1 fold, Hero (BB) 3-bets to 1,530, 9521593c (MP) 4-bets to 10,250 (all-in), 3 players fold, Hero (BB) folds

Total pot: 3,950
9521593c (MP) wins 3,950

The open raiser is a reg and I have no infos about the cold callers. However, the cold callers seemed rather weak at the time.

I was wondering about such potential bluff squeezing spots in terms of 1) how big my squeeze should be and 2) which hands I use to bluff.

Due to the many cold callers, my squeeze is quite big. I guess I don't need to go even bigger as at some point, the stack to pot ratio becomes more important to the or (or the cold callers) than the immediate pot odds. For example, I think suited broadways are going to call less when the remaining stack-pot ratio is below 10:1. That said, I think at some point (i.e. increasing number of cold callers), my squeeze does not need to be bigger. Say the SB would have overcalled as well, is there any reason to squeeze bigger?

Hand selection:
That said, due to the big sizing and small stack-pot ratio, I think villains calling range is quite small and I will most often see a fold or 4bet. Assuming that, I think playability is not that important and blockers become more important. That's why I like to bluff with Axo and would rather overcall Axs SCs and weak suited broadways.

Any thoughts?

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