Bovada $300 $50 KO - weird turn spot with all the draws- fold too nitty?

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Bovada $300 $50 KO - weird turn spot with all the draws- fold too nitty?

Mid stages, not close to mincash.

We start the hand with about 27bb in UTG+1. UTG limps (unknown player), we 3x with QQ

BB call UTG Call

Flop 9TJcc - X, X, we cbet 2215 into 5150 - both players call

Turn - 5c - BB leads out 6397 into 11,795 - we fold:

I'm not really sure if we have enough equity to jam turn. I think BB has a lot of the 2 pairs, straights, and flushes given preflop pot odds and fact that UTG fish limps. Don't know if they have much stuff like J5o, but def have all 9T, TJ, J9, 78, and some of flushes (K9, K8, 67, 56, 64 etc)- though I would expect nut flushes to be checked at a very high frequency.

I also don't think BB can have many bluffs here at all and leading one pair Jx seems bad... though maybe it happens more than I think.

I'm pretty sure I made a mistake with my PF sizing and it should be 1800 or something (3.5bb+) after UTG limps. Also not sure how I feel on flop sizing and am probably better off sizing slightly bigger?

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