Bovada 400k $450 Tournament

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Bovada 400k $450 Tournament

Hi all, I haven't posted in a while but here is a hand history that I thought was interesting from last sunday's tournament.


BTN - Very passive fish, he has limped constantly and I have been raising him in position. He is very fit or fold postflop and only raises strong hands. (22641 chips)

SB - New player at table no read (4761 chips)

HERO - Solid, aggressive but hasn't been out of line yet besides punishing the BTN player.


Blinds @ 100/200 no ante
BTN limps, SB completes, BB checks w/ 7h9s (600)
Flop is As5s6h, SB checks, BB leads 335, BTN folds, SB calls (1270)
* I lead here because I think BTN is unlikely to have an Ace in this situation, as his range is near 100% of hands he is limping preflop.
* Most likely caller is SB and I think in position against an unknown we can put a ton of pressure on villain
Turn Jc, SB checks, BB bets 788, SB calls (2846)
* I decided to bet turn and on the larger size to push all 5s and 6s out of the way, and some weaker flush draws that might fold getting 2.5:1 with ace on board pair outs are unlikely.
River Kh SB Checks BB all in for effectively 3538 into 2846
* Since he is unknown I don't think he can can call with any one pair A hands here. This is bovada and no prior history is known except for in tournament.
* I was contemplating my bet sizing here. Do you think a bigger bet like 2/3 pot works better than the overshove? ie: what looks more like value?

Feedback on the play would be appreciated.

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